Wednesday, April 27, 2016


We started the day with a tour of the public hospital. I won't go into the complicated details, but this mission includes the public hospital (pub h) which was built first. Then the private hospital (pr h) that was built in the 1990's. That's where we work. They are trying to make it self sustaining so patients have to pay to have surgery and clinic, medicine, etc. the public hospital is free. 
This is the hospital laundry. The private laundry looks exactly the same. They dry clothes in the hospital roof. 
This is labor and delivery. The he lady was in labor as we walked past the open door. (Pub h). 
This is pub h waiting room. All open air. 
They are overhauling  the pub h so this is the construction. It's funded somehow. 
More waiting room. Pub h. 
I can't post too many pictures at once as it overloads the Internet so I'll post more later. We got in on a C section. 

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