Wednesday, April 12, 2017


It was a fairly busy day. Ortho had a big case that needs a pathologist so I'm bringing some back for testing.
Ortho at work with the big case of the day. 

This is Tyler cooper, Ortho resident. That's me on the right. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all residents to engage in mission work during residency. It forces you to think outside the boX and tests your skills IN SO MANY AREAS. Shout out to the Haitian people who have been so hospitable, as always. Shout out to Emily and Marybeth.

What's up everyone.  My name is Travis Anthony.  I'm a fourth year orthopedic resident from Temple, Tx.  I'm the strikingly handsome one on the right, right next to the knucklehead in the foreground...Cooper.  What you are seeing in the picture above is us doing a large tumor resection from the leg of a young Hatian male.  Despite being challenged by being in a third world country, the case went well thanks to a large team of amazing people who made it possible.  Included in those are our scrub tech Kim, circulating nurse Alisha, PA student Lindsey, and our anesthesia crew of Sheila, Ming, and Ben.  This has been an incredible week full of some very low lows, but these have not been overshadowed by the numerous highs.  Despite missing our spouses and children back home, it has been a week well spent!
Thanks to my guest bloggers Tyler and Travis. We'll miss that Texas accent! NN

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