Monday, March 27, 2017


We spent Saturday afternoon packing in Dave's garage.  We called it organized chaos.  We also had a team meeting and met some of the new people that we hadn't met before.  We found out who would do what and which week we were going.  The mission is three weeks long.  There are three teams.  The first week is construction only.  One of our CMMT is going the first week to help with infrastructure.  That is - Emergency room upgrade, electrical and a host of other improvement that will be easier without the medical clinics and surgery going on.
 Piles of supplies to be packed.
 The Columbus Medical Mission Team 2017.
Kevin - APRN, John - McGyver, Lisa - Non medical 
Tracy - RN, Bill - McGyver, Nila N. - Surgeon
 Lisa and Bill packing. 
 Bill & his wife, Jean packing.  
This is Bill's first mission experience.
 John packing.
The garage mostly packed.  
All the suitcases are loaded and weigh just shy of 50 lb, 
which is the airline limit.

Some of the team will spend the entire three weeks there.

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